24-25 November 2024, Algiers, ALGERIA
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Call for Abstracts

1st Seminar on Materials, Processes and Microfabrication MPM'24

It is our great pleasure to welcome you all to the 1st Seminar on Materials, Processes
and Microfabrication (MPM'24), hosted by Centre de Développement des Technologies Avancées - CDTA,
in Baba Hassen city, Algiers, Algeria from 24th to 25th November 2024.

The conference main theme highlights the world-changing technologies, It aims to create
a collaborative environment, uniting students, academian researchers and other auditors practitioners
from the fields of Materials, processes and microfabrication.

The Seminar facilitates the exchange experience and information on material processing
and engineering, advanced materials and related technologies, serving as an interdisciplinary platform
to foster knowledge dissemination and encourage advancements among the whole participants.

Important Dates

1st Seminar on Materials, Processes and Microfabrication MPM'24

Seminar Topics

The 1st edition of MPM encompasses a broad range of topics, including, but not limited to :

Materials Synthesis and

  • Advanced Materials for Electronic, Optical, Magnetic, bio and Hard materials,… etc.
  • Functional Coatings, Thin Films and Nanomaterials
  • Material Characterization
  • Plasma and Laser Processes and Applications
  • Material Modelling and Computational Methods

Processes and Technologies for Materials and Microfabrication

  • Microfabrication Processes
  • Advanced Materials for Microfabrication
  • Device Processing and Process Integration
  • Device Characterization
  • Microfabrication and Applications (Optoelectronics, CMOS, MEMS, NEMS, …etc).
  • Control and Automation Processes

Artificial Intelligence Applications for MPM

  • AI Assisted Material Synthesis and Characterization
  • AI Assisted Processes and Technologies
  • Heuristic Algorithms
  • Image Processing Methods

Registration Fees

Registration fees cover the access to the conference, the conference materials and catering (lunch and coffee breaks).
Student participant should present a valid student ID at the registration desk when requested.
All participants (Seminar or Workshops) must fill and send the registration form available in the download section.
Payment for participation fees will take place at the registration desk.


3000 da


7000 da


10000 da

Abstract Submission

1st Seminar on Materials, Processes and Microfabrication MPM'24

Contributing participants who wish to give a presentation are requested to submit
an extended abstract in English (maximum of 02 pages, including figures and references)
using the email address below.

Authors are requested to use the template provided at the downloads section

For participants attending the seminar, their extended abstracts will be published
in a Book of Abstracts with an ISBN.



Here we provide all the files needed for the MPM'24 Seminar and workshops

Seminar Chairs

These are the MPM'24 Seminar's Honorary chair, General Chair and co-chairs

Honorary Chair

Dr. Mohammed TRAICHE

Director of Centre de Developpement
des Technologies Avancées, Algiers

General Chair

Dr. Fouaz LEKOUI

Senior Researcher

Centre de Developpement des Technologies Avancées, Algiers



Research Director

Centre de Developpement des Technologies Avancées, Algiers

Dr. Walid FILALI

Senior Researcher

Centre de Developpement des Technologies Avancées, Algiers


Dr. Mohamed Tahar BENABBAS

Senior Researcher

Centre de Developpement des Technologies Avancées, Algiers

Seminar Committees

These are the MPM'24 Organizing, Scientific, Technical and Logistic committees mebmers

    • ABDELLAOUI Ibrahim
    • AOUACHE Mustapha
    • AZIBI Mourad
    • BELGUEBLI Samia
    • BENABDELMOUMENE Abdelmadjid
    • DERGHAM Driss
    • DJEKHAR Mohamed Noufel
    • GAROUDJA Elyes
    • HADDADI Sofiane
    • HAMOU Hamida
    • HENNI Laid
    • HIMEUR Reda
    • KADRI Mohamed
    • KELLIL Chams Eddine
    • MEZIANE Lila
    • NAITBOUDA Abdelyamine
    • OUSSALAH Slimane
    • RAMDANI Ammar
    • SEMAR BITAH Kahina
    • SIFI Ouahid

    • ABERKANE MESSAOUD, Sabrina (Research Director - CDTA)
    • ABDELOUAHED, Lokmane (Associate Professor - INSA -Rouen)
    • ABDELLI MESSACI, Samira (Research Director - CDTA)
    • AITSAADI, Hassiba (Senior Researcher - IRDFAMM)
    • AKKARI, Hocine (Professor - University of Batna 2)
    • ALIM, Mohamed Mounes (Senior Researcher - CDTA)
    • AMARA, El-Hachemi (Research Director - CDTA)
    • AMRANI, Rachid (Associate Professor - University of Algiers 1)
    • ANNOU, Karima (Research Director - CDTA)
    • AOUACHE, Mustapha (Research Director - CDTA)
    • BARA, Djemai (Senior Researcher - CDTA)
    • BENABDELMOUMENE, Abdelmadjid (Senior Researcher - CDTA)
    • BENAISSA, Salim (Senior Researcher - UROP, CDTA)
    • BENATMANE, Saadiya (Associate Professor , University of Mostaganem)
    • BENNACEUR-DOUMAZ, Djamila (Research Director - CDTA)
    • BENGHARABI, Messaoud (Research Fellow - CDTA)
    • BOUADJEMINE, Rochdi (Senior Researcher - CDTA)
    • BOUZID, Zakaria (Associate Professor - University of Algiers 1)
    • DJANI, Hania (Research Director - CDTA)
    • DJEZZAR, Boualam (Research Director - CDTA)
    • DJEROUROU, Samira (Senior Researcher - CDTA)
    • GAROUDJA, Elyes (Senior Researcher - CDTA)
    • GAHAM, Mehdi (Senior Researcher - CDTA)
    • HADDADI, Sofiane (Senior Researcher - CDTA)
    • HADJ LARBI, Fayçal (Senior Researcher - CDTA)
    • HALIMI, Amel (Associate Professor - EMP)
    • HAMMADI, Farida (Senior Researcher - CDTA)
    • HASSANI, Salim (Research Director - CDTA)
    • HEMMOUCHE, Larbi (Professor - EMP)
    • HENDAOUI, Nordine (Senior Researcher - CDTA)
    • HENINI, Mohamed (Professor - University of Nothingham)
    • ILES, Nadia (Professor - University of Oran 1)
    • KAIL, Fatiha (Professor - University of Oran 1)
    • KEZZAR, Mohamed (Associate Professor - University of Skikda)
    • KEDADRA, Abdelkrim (Research Director - CDTA)
    • KEZZOULA, Faouzi (Research Director - CRTSE)
    • KHERDDINE, Yazid (Senior Researcher - CDTA)
    • KOUIDER, Ahmed (Senior Researcher - CDTA)
    • LAFANE, Slimane (Senior Researcher - CDTA)
    • LAKHDARI, Rachid (Senior Researcher - CRSTRA)
    • LEGOUERA, Messaoud (Professor - University of Skikda)
    • MADDAOUI, Nourredine (Senior Researcher - CDTA)
    • MEBDOUA-LAHMAR, Yamina (Research Director - CDTA)
    • MEKHELDI, Mohammed (Senior Researcher - CDTA)
    • OUSSALAH, Slimane (Research Director - CDTA)
    • OUCHABANE, Mohammed (Research Director – CDTA)
    • SAOULA, Nadia (Research Director - CDTA)
    • SENGOUGA, Nouredine (Professor - University of Biskra)
    • SERHANE, Rafik (Research Director - CDTA)
    • TAMSAOUT, Toufik (Senior Researcher - CDTA)
    • TADJINE, Rabah (Senior Researcher - CDTA)
    • YAHIAOUI, Kenza (Senior Researcher - CDTA)
    • ZERROUKI, Nabil (Senior Researcher - CDTA)

    • ABDELMOUMEN Sidali
    • BOUGUERRA Feriel
    • BOUZIDI Fatma Zohra
    • CHAFFA Ghezlane
    • HAID Fadhila
    • LOUHIBI Abdelhak
    • MAZIGHI Souhila

Seminar Venue

The MPM'24 Seminar will be held at the Centre de Développement des Technologies Avancées,
in Baba Hassen city, overlooking the Bay of Algiers.
The CDTA benefits from its strategic location in close proximity to the capital, where significant
academic institutions, universities, research centers, and a diverse industrial sector are situated.


Get directions to our event center


Cité 20 Août 1956, Baba Hassen, Alger

  • Phone: +213(0) 23 35 22 60/68
Cité 20 Août 1956

Baba Hassen, Alger, Algérie

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For any inquiries regarding the seminar, please contact us on:

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(+213) 783 21 21 41

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